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Anti-aging effects of HGH

The concept of Anti-aging effects of HGH stems from the hormone's ability to alter body composition.

In aging, there is progressive alteration in terms of body mass and adipose tissue, accompanied by contraction in lean body mass.

It has been proposed that this changes brought about by aging is due to the decreased secretion of growth hormone in old age.

With this, the anti-aging effects of HGH had been subjected to medical research and it has been proposed that HGH therapy can correct age-related changes.

A research study about the anti-aging effects of HGH therapy in men over 60 years old was published in 1990 by the New England Journal of medicine.

In this article, 21 healthy old men were the subject of the research, with 12 receiving HGH treatment and 9 with placebo, throughout a 12-month period.

The initial dose of HGH in the control group was 0.03 mg/kg of body weight injected three times a week at a scheduled time during the day.

Both groups had the same caloric diet.

The results have showed that among the control group, the Anti-aging effects of HGH were seen in the significant increase in the lean body mass, density of the lumbar vertebrae and thickness of the skin.

A decrease in the adipose tissue mass was also noted.

There had been no significant changes among the placebo group.

In normal aging, physical changes like thinning of the skin, decreased collagen, decreased growth of hair and nails and atrophy of organs occur.

Metabolic changes like insulin resistance or hypoglycaemia and resting metabolic rate abnormalities also occur in old age.

These changes contribute to the frailty of older individuals; however, the anti-aging effects of HGH counteract most of these changes, according to research studies.

The anti-aging effect of HGH in terms of body fat content is aimed towards the redistribution of fat from the central to peripheral parts of the body.

Also, thickening of the skin is one of the evident effects of HGH therapy.

The hydration status of an individual is also affected by aging.

HGH improves total body water of the extracellular compartment of the cells, thereby addressing this condition.

The older population also experience decrease in strength and stamina as part of the aging process.

The anti-aging effect of HGH however does not provide evidence in improving muscle strength and stamina.

The most evident effect of HGH is a lean body mass but not increased muscle power.

There may be claims about the use of HGH in enhancing muscle strength but there is no sufficient evidence in research studies.

Although there are research studies that provide evidence of Anti-aging effects of HGH, the use of this replacement therapy is not appropriate for the general public.

Because of the controversies involved in the use of HGH, there are only a few indications that is approved by the government.

As with other hormone replacement therapies, the US FDA regulates the consumption of HGH because of the health risks involved in the use of this medication.