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HGH Anti Aging

Recent studies regarding Human Growth Hormones are suggesting that the much sought after "Fountain of Youth" could be right around the corner.

Regardless of what many companies are claiming, you cannot stop or reverse aging.

The good news is that scientists are finding that certain characteristics of aging can be slowed down significantly by boosting your overall health and wellness, which automatically will make you at least feel younger with increased energy and a feeling of exceptional well being.

Aging is a process that is brought on by a mixture of various factors, many that are being studied and reviewed.

HGH studies are particularly exciting, because they are showing that HGH may be able to in fact reverse several of the signs of aging.

Since as we age our body doesn't secrete the human growth hormone effectively (although it continues to produce it in the pituitary gland), it can't restore itself in order to protect against a breakdown in several of our bodies functions.

During puberty, our Immune system capabilities are that their peaks, and as a result it provides the most effective level of resistance to conditions that are linked to aging along with lifestyle choices.

Some medical professionals are now recognizing HGH replacement therapy as a highly effective and natural technique of reinvigorating a healthy and balanced immune system, and at the time restoring damaged, or stressed immune systems.

HGH treatments additionally contributes to sustaining a healthier immune system by way of reducing demands on it in order to fight off flu, colds, and many other illnesses.

HGH also is said to accomplish something no other weight loss regimen on the market can do.

It is said to actually recontour the human body, melting away unnecessary fat and developing muscle.

In several cases, people have been said to appear and feel years young after losing the fat.

On top of that, the most significant loss takes place in belly fat, which is the most troublesome area for both men and women that are advancing in age.

Belly fat is also often linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.

In almost every analysis of HGH pituitary lacking adults, along with aging individuals with no pituitary problems, HGH replacement lowered body fat and heightened lean body mass, results that most diets simply don't deliver.

In a study at Thomas Hospital in London, research performed on 24 individuals with HGH deficiencies, the hormone targeted group had no real change in their body weight; however, they lost an average of 12.5 pds of body fat and accumulated an average of 12.1 pds of lean body mass.

Other positive reported results attained through the use of HGH are healthier skin and nails along with a reported visible difference in hair that appears thicker, shinier and more youthful looking.

Others have even reported a reduction in cellulite.

Some of the most talked about results of HGH treatment have been increased sex drive, increased energy, better muscle tone, and the ability to get a great night's sleep.