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The best natural anti aging products

Not too long ago, natural anti aging products were limited to skin care, exercise and eating right.

A dash of cold cream was about the limit of natural anti-aging products. Soon however medicine began focusing on reducing visible wrinkles via synthetic medications or plastic surgery.

This however did not actually slow aging or reduce its effects, it was simply to make people look younger.

Today however there are many products that claim they are the best natural anti aging products are on the market and that many satisfied users feel slow down the aging process.

If wrinkles were the only symptom of aging, then creams and plastic surgery could solve the whole problem.

But unfortunately, aging affects all the body systems and the best natural anti aging products should work from the inside out and help prevent some of the negative effects aging has on the human body.

You are only as old as you feel is an old saying and it certainly seems to have more than a little truth to it.

Many of the internal effects of aging make people feel old as well as look it. Low sex drive, brittle or fragile bones, poor memory, low energy levels, a lack of focus as well as poor cardiovascular health are just some of the effects of aging that affect the quality of life.

When choosing among the many new natural anti aging products it is important to find one that approaches the entire problem and helps to restore energy levels and health as well as the cosmetic changes that aging brings with it.

One of the newest and possibly best natural anti aging products is called HGH and is produced by the pituitary gland.

HGH is responsible for normal growth in humans and metabolism, tissue repair and muscle growth in conjunction with a product produced by the liver called Growth Factor.

These are processes that slow as humans age and the theory is that HGH replacement can help delay or repair some of the damage that was once considered normal and unavoidable.

There are several methods now available to help supplement HGH in the human body.

HGH injections have become very popular for pediatric use in the case of slow growth or certain growth anomalies. These injections use synthetic HGH and are administered under a doctor's supervision.

These are rarely used on adults and they do not claim to be among the Best Natural Anti Aging Products.

Nasal sprays containing HGH are available and contain many of the same ingredients contained in the pills and are assimilated by the body much more quickly since they do not have to go through the gastro intestinal system.

Although milder than injections and readily available these are usually also considered some of the Best Natural Anti Aging Products on the market.

One the most popular natural anti aging products that contain HGH is the HGH supplement pills.

These are generally precursors to HGH that work by stimulating the pituitary to produce its own natural HGH.

These supplement pills and sprays are available for purchase without a prescription. Homeopathic HGH remedies may also be effective but because these remedies are relatively new, there are also few clinical studies and most information is purely anecdotal coming from users of the product.