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Facts and Recommendations about HGH Bodybuilding

Here are some facts and recommendations about HGH bodybuilding.

HGH bodybuilding has gotten bad press in the media.

The reason is that they confuse HGH with anabolic steroids.

HGH and anabolic steroids are two different things altogether.

This confusion is why all of the bad press in the news.

HGH supplements have both a good and bad side.

The bad side first; there is injectable HGH, which are synthetic HGH and not natural HGH.

These are usually prescribed by a doctor and doctors won't normally give you the injections just for bodybuilding.

Plus you need a prescription, so you do have to get past a doctor for this.

You likely won't get past him because he wouldn't regularly prescribe injectable HGH for bodybuilding.

Why wouldn't you get past the doctor? He is only trying to protect you from lifelong dependence on injectable HGH.

Synthetic HGH, which is always in the injectable form, can cause lifelong dependence.

On the other hand, natural HGH won't form dependence for life.

How do you go about this? You get natural HGH supplements, which are not injectable, but usually a pill form.

Natural HGH supplements have herbs and minerals, and are sometimes accompanied with amino acids.

You can get supplements with synthetic HGH, but this is NOT recommended.

You want natural HGH supplements with herbs and minerals, preferably with amino acids included only.

Natural is the very best, as you will not have problems with lifelong dependence on these.

Natural HGH supplements for bodybuilding are taken before bed as your pituitary gland works the hardest when you are asleep.

Amino acids taken either alongside, or included in the supplements help your pituitary gland produce the HGH that you are wanting.

Whereas HGH supplements that are synthetic can wear out the pituitary gland and thus "break" it can result in lifelong dependence on synthetic HGH.

HGH bodybuilding with natural HGH can be very beneficial to you.

You may get nice muscle mass and a more youthful complexion and feel rejuvenated.

People have reported that wrinkles have really gone down for them and they had felt their energy levels increase since they had begun taking HGH supplements.

You may be lucky to experience pleasant results like this as well.

This would be a major boon to you.

Natural HGH is the very best that you can get, if you get only the natural type with no synthetic ingredients.

If amino acids are included in the HGH supplement, then you have a real good supplement.

It is best to get a pill form of HGH supplement as you can take pills anywhere and not have to wait at home for something inconvenient, such as a cream to be absorbed.

Also, with creams, they can be rubbed off, not giving you a potential full benefit of the HGH in them.

HGH bodybuilding can really benefit you if you use natural HGH supplements, especially with amino acids.

You may get a real energy boost, like when you were in your 20's and feel more stamina.

You may even notice an increase in muscle mass.