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HGH Help Weight Loss

Human growth hormone is a polypeptide molecule secreted by the pituitary gland of the body.

It influences the metabolism of protein, lipid, and carbohydrate.

There are many therapeutic indications for HGH use and this hormone has been made available for public consumption due to advancement in endocrine technology.

Growth hormone therapy has revolutionized treatment of various conditions.

Among its many uses, HGH helps correct weight loss by correcting one's metabolism.

Since HGH is an anabolic drug, its action is focused on the building up of tissues in the body, thus increasing weight gain and improving body functions.

HGH helps address weight loss by facilitating protein synthesis.

This means that HGH allows carbohydrates and fats to be utilized for energy consumption with only ample fuel.

This action minimizes the need for amino acid use, thus minimizing the breakdown of protein molecules.

Fatty acids from adipose tissue are mobilized and used for energy needs of the body; this preserves the amino acids from the muscles and minimizes weight loss.

HGH helps correct weight loss by increasing one's body mass.

Studies have shown increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat among HGH users.

HGH helps minimize weight loss by improving water retention and bone mineral composition.

In individuals with severe pulmonary conditions, HGH administration is commonly used to counteract malnutrition.

Because it is an anabolic compound, HGH helps address weight loss from this illness by improving protein nutrition and growth; HGH promotes well being by improving one's pulmonary function as well.

Also it is used in patients with severe muscle wasting from HIV infection in a short term treatment.

Immuno-compromised individuals are known to experience drastic decrease in body mass because of their underlying condition; HGH helps counteract weight loss by improving lean body mass, nitrogen retention, as well as treadmill output.

In several acute and chronic illnesses, nitrogen wasting is a common phenomenon.

HGH helps correcting weight loss by correcting the negative nitrogen balance by reversing nitrogen wasting in catabolic conditions.

Human growth hormone also helps counteract weight loss by reducing the amount of sodium excretion from the body and increase water re-absorption by the kidneys.

In the aging population, the structural changes in the body secondary to the aging process are hypothesized to have been caused by decreasing HGH levels.

Because of this, the use of HGH therapy help corrects weight loss by reducing atrophy of lean body mass and the age-related changes in body composition like adipose-tissue mass, skin thickness, regional bone density, and mandibular-height ratio.

According to studies, HGH helps weight loss correction by a magnitude equivalent to changes incurred during 10 to 20 years of normal aging.

HGH helps weight loss by enhancing the utilization of fats for energy thereby reducing stored body fats, retention of nitrogen, and conserving protein stores. Therapeutic effects of HGH in terms of duration of use depend on the severity of weight loss and the underlying medical condition.