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HGH releasers

HGH releasers are also known as synthetic and non-natural peptides that act as potent stimulators for the secretion of somatotropin or growth hormone.

Its action is aimed at stimulating the release of growth hormones by directly targeting the pituitary and hypothalamic level.

The action of HGH releasers on how it stimulates the release of the hormone is unclear, but could be due to several reasons.

The first of its kind were formulated in the late 1970s.

Normally, growth hormone secretion by the body is affected by several factors, and can be internal or external.

This hormone is continuously secreted by the body throughout life, and is not just restricted during one's growing period.

Before the advent of endocrine technology, research showed that a condition called hypoglycaemia or decreased blood sugar in the blood, if severe enough, can trigger HGH release.

It has been shown that in a 24 hour fasting, blood level of HGH peaked during deep sleep.

Arginine infusion was also widely used to stimulate the production of HGH in the old times.

Exercise and stress are also said to be natural HGH releasers.

Due to advancements in endocrinology, however, compounds that trigger the release of bodily hormones has been invented, and among these are HGH releasers or growth hormone secretagogues.

Because of the invention of HGH releasers, the common knowledge that growth hormone release is made possible by GHRH or somatostatin is now being refuted.

After the discovery of HGH releasers decades ago, the mechanism of this non-natural peptide is still unknown.

The hypothesis of HGH releaser action is that these compounds antagonize the somatostatinergic functions in both the pituitary and hypothalamic level.

However, countless studies have been made to show its effects on certain GH deficiency and GH hypersecretion.

There are several HGH releasers or heptapetides available for human studies and some of these are called GHRP-1 and GHRP-2; the most emblematic of all growth hormone secretagogues is the GHRP-6 as it is the most extensively studied in humans.

According to research, different HGH releasers, the most potent being GHRP-6, have proved to act on both the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

The release of growth hormone is more effective if HGH releasers were used in combinations.

Hypothesis postulates that GHRPs mimic the action of an unidentified endogenous ligand that is makes growth hormone secretion possible.

The presence of these compounds in the bloodsteam will trigger somatotrope cells to release growth hormone.

In research studies, these HGH releasers have been formulated for intravaneous, subcutaneous , intranasal and oral administration.

One's gender does not provide a direct influence on the effect of HGH releasers.

The action of these compounds is dependent on age, as GH-releasing activity is

present from birth, increases to puberty and adulthood and decreases thereafter.

HGH releasers are used to treat some but not all somatotrope hyposecretion.

It is used to test and diagnose GH deficiency.

HGH releasers are therapeutically used for the treatment of idiopathic short stature among children.

Studies have shown an increase in height parameter among children after being subjected to chronic GHRP treatment.