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Why HGH Tablets Are The Best Choice

HGH tablets are a great choice because you can take them anywhere with you and you don't have to wait for creams to absorb or give yourself injections.

Creams are not a good choice as these rub off on clothing and other items and you have to wait for an hour or so for them to absorb.

There is another human growth hormone supplement which is a mouth spray.

Studies have shown that sprays do not work very well as they do not absorb through the mouth as good as a pill absorbs in the digestive system.

And HGH injections are the very least viable of the options.

First, you would have to go to a doctor to get a prescription for this.

Most doctors with any scruples will not prescribe this to you.

Why won't he prescribe it to you?

It is only for serious medical problems and not for fitness and bodybuilding.

And it is an artificial HGH that is made in the lab.

This kind of HGH would stop the pituitary gland from making HGH and cause you to be dependent on this for life.

Most insurance companies would not pay for this and it costs $25 per shot and you have to give yourself three shots a day of this.

This would run a bill of over $2000 a month to do this.

Creams may have synthetic HGH in them. This is not the best option either.

Firstly you have to wait an hour or so for a cream to absorb into the skin.

Also the cream can rub off on furniture and clothes preventing you from getting the best absorption of the cream.

The human growth hormone in the cream is also not very good to use as it is not a natural HGH supplement for your body.

This can cause the pituitary gland to shut down and not produce needed HGH anymore and then you become dependent on artificial HGH for life.

Check for human growth hormone that is naturally made with minerals and herbs.

You should also add an amino acid tablet if it isn't in the supplement already.

Time of the day does matter when you take this supplement.

You should take these at bedtime as your pituitary gland works the hardest at night.

Taking it in the morning may even defeat the purpose of this at worst.

The pituitary gland is most receptive to these at night as it works the best when we are sleeping.

HGH tablets that are natural from herbs and minerals along with an amino acid pill is the best thing that can be done as the natural HGH just stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone rather than add an artificial HGH to your body.

Adding an unnatural HGH is harmful as it causes the pituitary gland to shut down to never produce HGH again.

Then you create a lifelong dependency on synthetic HGH.

It is best to stick with natural HGH supplements made with herbs, minerals and amino acids.