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The Truth about HGH

The truth about HGH is that it is a hormone necessary for normal vitality.

This peptide hormone is made up mostly of amino acids and is normally secreted by one's pituitary gland.

Due to the demand among HGH-deficient patients, the recombinant HGH has been developed in the late 1980s via genetic engineering and has produced good results.

There is a widespread use of HGH all over the world.

Those who use it believe in its effects in enhancing one's overall fitness and promote optimum functioning.

The most common users of HGH are athletes who are in need to improve their body mass and maintain performance levels.

Although the use of HGH is banned by most professional leagues and associations, the truth is HGH use can be difficult to detect.

Because the test for HGH use is not readily available, there had been no test-proven HGH use among professional and Olympic athletes according to the World Anti-Doping Society.

HGH circulating in the blood has a short half-life and therefore detection is difficult.

Among persons with HGH deficiency, the use of HGH supplements resulted to an enhanced lean mass and decreased fat mass.

In spite of this, there are serious side effects with the use of HGH.

The truth is, HGH may cause kidney and liver problems if dose is not regulated properly.

The truth about HGH is that the US FDA has not approved the use of HGH for athletic enhancements but is only allowed for certain medical conditions such as disorders in growth among children and GH deficiency in adults.

This hormone is it is vital to several physiologic processes in the body such as bone mineralization, internal organ growth, protein synthesis, glucose production in the liver and immune system stimulation.

It is also used in body tissue repair such as burns and thermal injuries.

The truth is, the use of HGH is safe and beneficial as long as administered in therapeutic doses.

Over the years, HGH was also used in clinical trials to see its effects in aging.

The results showed that the use of HGH increased muscle mass and bone density but not necessarily muscle strength.

The truth is HGH is has not only anabolic properties but also has an effect in carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

HGH is manufactured by the somatotrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland. Women have slightly higher amounts of HGH secretion than men.

Factors that increase HGH levels are exercise, stress, fever, fasting, and some drugs.

The truth about HGH is that it is released in early deep sleep among individuals who are healthy and lean.

HGH release is stimulated normally when blood sugar levels are very low.

The truth about HGH is that it is easy to administer and can be introduced into the body by different routes.

HGH can be administered subcutaneously through injectable doses, depending on the individual's condition and body weight.

It is also available in nasal preparations wherein the main absorption route is the mucous membranes.