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HGH dosage

The normal HGH dosage varies with the type of human growth hormone supplement being taken by the individual.

While some products sold as HGH supplements may well contain the ingredients that will stimulate human growth production, some will not contain enough of those ingredients to actually do the job in a normal human being, or the dosage would need to be too high to be practical.

The best human growth hormone supplement pills and sprays work by stimulating the body to product its own growth hormone.

This is considered one of the safest ways to affect a measurable increase in hormone levels.

However, anti aging supplements usually contain multiple ingredients or precursors in order to make them work most effectively since and with age, a person becomes deficient in several key hormones and enzymes.

The HGH dosage must be specifically matched with the support ingredients so the user gets just enough of all of them, not just the growth hormone precursors.

Athletes were known to use HGH to enhance performance and to increase muscle mass, endurance and performance.

This was eventually declared illegal in competition because it gave the athletes far too much of an advantage over those who did not take the correct HGH dosage of the right type.

This was also considered unsafe as they were not usually administered under a doctor's care, and injectable HGH can be dangerous.

However HGH supplements such as pills or nasal sprays is considered much safer and available without a prescription as there is no synthetic growth hormone being injected into the body but instead the body is prodded to produce its own natural hormones to replace those that may be lost to the aging process.

In addition, while HGH dosages in injection form could cost as much as thirty thousand a month in order to administer; the HGH supplements are much more affordable.

Athletes who used hormones to enhance their performance often experienced a peak period of performance long after their youth and some were known to experience a comeback at retirement age in their sport.

This is partially why such drugs were banned in competitive sports. Supplements on the other hand, such as pills and sprays do not introduce foreign hormones into the body and usually produce a more gradual effect but with normally with far fewer negative side effects.

The normal HGH dosage for the best anti aging effects varies with the supplement being taken.

Some supplements contain multiple enzymes and will have a greater dosage frequency than those that contain only a single precursor.

Anyone considering using HGH supplements should remember that aging is a process which affects multiple systems and hormones and replacing only one may not allow the product to reverse enough of these manifestations to produce the desired effects.

Instead it is usually best to approach an anti aging supplement program from several fronts.

These can include supplements that help replace support enzymes with hormone stimulants including precursors with the right HGH dosage.

Purposely eating right and ensuring that the individual also gets enough exercise and sleep to support the anti aging effects and their body's own efforts to replace the hormones can boost the results from these growth hormone supplements.