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How to increase HGH levels

Human growth hormone, or HGH as it is better known, is vital to your bodies well being.

Low levels of HGH can cause you to start feeling unwell. Up until the age of thirty, human growth hormone is naturally produced in large quantities; after this age your body starts to decline its natural production of the essential hormone.

This is the time that our bodies commence the aging process.

This article will demonstrate the best ways to increase HGH levels via natural means.

One of the best ways to increase HGH levels is to exercise.

Commencing a thirty minute exercise regime on a daily basis will encourage your body to start human growth hormone production.

It is medically proven that intensive aerobic exercise helps our bodies produce HGH. However, be warned; it is also proven that exercising for more than a ninety minute period will greatly deplete the bodies stored hormone levels.

During an increased exercise period your body is encouraged to produce a chemical called cortisol. This alternative hormone has a negative effect on the body's production of human growth hormone.

It is always best to limit your daily routine to under an hour. A consistent exercise program is far more beneficial than prolonged daily exercise.

High levels of human growth hormone are important to increase muscle growth.

If you are a body builder working out how to increase HGH levels, then it is best to maximize your weight lifting program to its fullest.

Always aim to rest for about forty five seconds between weight repetitions; resting between lifts significantly increases natural HGH production and can maximize your ability to burn fat.

Another, how to increase HGH levels solution is to maximize your sleep period.

Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. This gland will only produce high levels of HGH during your natural REM period.

A deep relaxing sleep is the best way to rejuvenate your HGH levels. There are many medical studies that show a sleep deficiency can have a negative affect on human growth hormone production.

A significantly reduced HGH level will also begin to affect your libido.

Proper nutritional intake is another great 'how to increase HGH levels'.

Consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables paired with plenty of fish and lean meat will restore human growth hormone levels.

Although increasing your HGH levels naturally is important, here are also other ways that can increase human growth hormone levels.

So how to increase HGH levels a different way I hear you ask?

Well there are many supplements on the market that offer an artificial helping hand to HGH production.

How to increase HGH levels becomes very easy with the introduction of HGH supplements.

A HGH releaser will help stimulate your body into producing the human growth hormone without any effort.

These supplements are a mixture of amino acids and herbal supplements and carry little risk.

However, if you choose to go down the path of consuming a HGH enhancer it is always best to seek professional advice before you commence with treatment.