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HGH side effects on men

HGH side effects on men are a source of concern for individuals who are considering taking HGH as an injection either self-administered or under the care of a medical practitioner.

While relatively safe as an injection if taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner, HGH in injection form, in too high a dosage has some very negative side effects.

However, that has mostly been eliminated as a concern by the use of HGH supplements.

These supplements cause the body to produce its own HGH which is not only a naturally occurring substance but also necessary for healing, tissue repair and energy levels.

HGH supplements contain the "precursors" of HGH and stimulate growth hormone production by the pituitary gland.

In a child, HGH levels are normally high; we associate this with the boundless energy of youth, the unbound sex drive of the adolescent and the resilience of their body structures that seem to heal overnight.

By the age of 30 the amount of HGH in a human has reduced significantly and by the age of 50 the normal person may have very little HGH in their system at all.

Injections are generally considered an unsafe way to self-administer HGH replacement therapy as the possibility of infection from the injection site is high, the dosage is normally not consistent with safe use of the product and the HGH side effects on men can be life threatening if taking it in huge doses such as those seeking to enhance performance might do.

In the US HGH is considered a controlled substance and not available without a physician's prescription.

HGH is also extremely expensive to purchase from a reputable supplier costing many thousands of dollars a month.

This is to protect the public from the negative HGH side effects on men.

In the US, however, HGH supplements are not controlled and readily available because the risk of negative side effects on men and women is very small.

The supplements encourage the body to produce HGH in a normal way to reach optimal amounts for their height, weight and age.

HGH deficiency usually results in lower sex drive, lower energy levels, poor memory, premature wrinkling, atrophy of organs and much more.

Restoring the body to normal levels allows many of those processes to reverse themselves including skin to tighten leading to fewer visible wrinkles, sex drive to improve, focus to improve, sleep improves and even muscle production can improve.

It is important to remember that injections can be dangerous due to negative side effects such as overdose and infections.

On the other hand using a natural product that allows the body to make what it needs to replace has far fewer potential negative HGH side effects in men and women since the person's body decides when it has had enough and overdose is difficult.

The best supplements will also contain support supplements to help strengthen and replace other hormones that decrease in availability with age.

Aging is a process that affects the entire body and the best approaches will combine support for several body systems affected by aging.