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HGH supplementation - What does it do?

HGH supplementation has become extremely popular as an anti-aging product because it helps the body to produce a naturally occurring hormone necessary to proper body functioning.

Growth hormone is present naturally in humans and the highest levels are seen during childhood and young adulthood.

As the person ages their production of human growth hormone decreases until it reaches almost undetectable levels at around age 50.

Athletes and the very rich used HGH supplementation for decades under a physician's care.

These supplements were administered by injection and contained pure HGH or synthetic HGH, which can be very dangerous in the incorrect dosages.

Because an overdose of HGH in injection form is not only possible but probable by the untrained, it is a controlled substance in the US and should be approached only under the care of a trained medical practitioner.

HGH supplementation does not require a doctor's care because these supplements prod the body to produce natural HGH.

In addition, HGH supplementation contains the enzymes that promote HGH production and the chances of overdosing and the resulting negative side effects are slim.

This is one of the reasons that HGH supplementation is not regulated.

Also, the price of HGH supplementation programs is far more reasonable compared to the thousands a month the very rich normally pay for synthetic HGH injections.

Supplementation of HGH has been proven to enhance performance in athletes, increase lean muscle mass, ensure a high energy level and even help reverse the manifestations of aging such as a loosening of the skin.

The question for most people is not whether to use HGH supplementation but what type is best for them.

Most people prefer a safer manner than sticking a needle in their skin. There is always the risk of infection or abscesses when using needles.

Instead, natural HGH supplementation can be achieved using pills or even nasal sprays.

One of the advantage of these methods of supplementation is that they body produces its own hormones and many combine support ingredients to boost other important growth supporting enzymes and hormones.

The multi-faceted approaches to the manifestations of aging are thought to be much gentler than a synthetic or harvested hormone.

Pure HGH would be broken down by the digestive system if taken in pill form but HGH supplementation relies upon ingredients that instead are absorbed and convince the pituitary gland to resume HGH production.

There has been a lot of focus upon natural and herbal remedies over the recent years because these approaches have fewer side effects and usually fewer allergic or overdose possibilities.

Natural medicine and enzymes simply prompt the human body to restore its health and resume normal functioning and this can include normal HGH production.

The individual who is concerned about the manifestations of aging who also wants a safe product will usually investigate HGH supplementation as opposed to a synthetic and decidedly unnatural injection system.

When selecting an HGH supplementation system it is vital that the ingredients be in sufficient quantity and quality to promote normal hormone production. This can usually be done by assuring the supplement manufacturer is a reputable company that understands the aging process.