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The Effects of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth and development is an activity which everyone takes part with.

It entails every development that is happening in the human system from childhood to adulthood.

However, there are certain cases in which the human body experiences growth hormone deficiency which hugely affects the overall mechanism of the body.

This is something which everyone needs to be aware of because most of the time, the most minute part or areas are those which are given least attention with.

Growth hormones (HGH) are very much necessary in a person's growth.

It is one of the hormones that are secreted in the pituitary gland located just below the brain.

Growth hormone deficiency happens when there is an under production of the said hormone.

This kind of deficiency affects many areas in the human body simply because, aside from growth in height and muscle mass, this hormone is also responsible in calcium absorption and retention.

Also, it plays a huge role in maintaining homeostasis and increases immunity in the body.

The effect of growth hormone deficiency doesn't end there because this health condition can also affect the emotional and mental capacity of the person involved in such situation.

In most cases, people who undergo with this kind of condition usually feel tiredness and experiences lack of motivation to pursue things.

This is primarily because everything that is happening in the body, although different, is interconnected with each other.

There are two possibilities wherein a person acquires growth hormone deficiency.

In some, this case is congenital.

Meaning, the condition is already acquired during child birth.

In others, it is acquired or had developed after birth.

One of such cases is the very popular dwarfism and growth spurt.

A person who undergoes these conditions has common symptoms to consider.

Children are different in a way that they are evidently showing short stature and delayed development in its tooth and its onset of its puberty.

But, both children and adults are showing low speed or decreasing speed and strength, a decrease in the muscle mass and weight gain especially in the waist area.

In most instances, a person who develops a growth hormone deficiency is also those who are experiencing low self-esteem.

Most of the time, they are victims of bullying because of their differences.

These are the group of people that needs not just pharmacologic care but also emotional and psychological treatment.

These are the group of people that needs to be carefully assessed and evaluated for a holistic and effective treatment to occur in their lives.

Many could not understand the in-depth of the problem that is why total awareness and education is much highly recommended to give help people understand the underlying cause of this kind of condition in the human health.

Growth hormones are one of the hormones which the pituitary gland is secreting.

As time passes by, the number and pattern of its secretion changes which we don't have any hold to.

But the hormonal deficiency that occurs ahead of time is the conditions which we have to face bravely as much as possible.

Seek for ways that could help you identify and assess your health condition before its too late.

Keep the value of your health your topmost priority.