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How to Identify Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Human growth hormone deficiency can affect both children and adults.

The pituitary gland is responsible for the body's production of human growth hormone.

Situated at the base of the brain, it one of the most important glands in the body.

Children require the correct levels of hormone in order to grow and develop properly.

Adults need the correct level of hormone to control the levels of body fat and muscle density.

If too little hormone is produced the effects of human growth hormone deficiency are instantly felt.

People with a human growth hormone deficiency will experience various physical symptoms.

Low energy levels and the inability to have enough stamina to exercise are the first signs of a deficiency.

Adults who are affected may start to notice an increase in their weight and will develop dry and itchy skin.

Children with low levels of hormone will experience growth and developmental problems.

The normal level of hormone that should be present is around the 200 MIU per millilitre.

Anything measured below this rate indicates a human growth hormone deficiency and should be medically treated.

People who suffer from human growth hormone deficiency will often have less tolerance to infection.

Human growth hormone is responsible for controlling the body's immune system.

The hormones that are produced are responsible for restoring damaged cells and fighting infection.

People with suspected human growth hormone deficiency are more prone to infection and any wounds will take longer to heal.

Luckily, the medical profession has developed many HGH therapies and supplements to help combat Human growth hormone deficiency.

The best solution is an oral supplement that helps to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland into restarting its production.

A small tablet that is dissolved under the tongue is often the simple answer to curing a hormone deficiency.

Often the results of these supplements are felt and noticed within a few weeks of treatment.

Adults will instantly notice a restored level of energy and stamina and will notice that they age beginning to loss body fat and gain muscle density.

If HGH supplements fail to stimulate the pituitary gland, you can always consider using a synthetic hormone replacement to combat your human growth hormone deficiency.

However, unlike the relatively risk free supplements, hormone injections can cause lots of different medical complications.

When combating your Human growth hormone deficiency, it is always best to seek medical opinion before you commence your chosen therapy.