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Essential Human Growth Hormone Facts

When deciding on a HGH treatment, it is vital that you secure all the human growth hormone facts available.

The more knowledge that you can gain, the more informed your choice of human growth supplement will be.

This article will hopefully give you a better understanding of what human growth hormone does and how HGH supplements can be beneficial for certain medical conditions.

One of the most important human growth hormone facts you need to know is what the hormone actually does.

The pituitary gland is the primary produce of the body's hormone supply.

Located in a small cavity below the brain, the pituitary gland is responsible for producing up to nine different types of hormone.

The primary hormone that is produced is responsible for the body's growth and development.

Another human growth hormone fact to learn is what happens when there is a deficiency? The pituitary gland only secrets the human growth hormone for a limited time; the prime time for production being during adolescence.

After this age, as early as your twenties, the pituitary gland ceases its production and the aging process commences.

With little to no human growth hormone, the body slowly starts to age.

Weight is gained and skin elasticity begins to deteriorate.

Now you have the tow essential human growth hormone facts, you can look at what treatments are available.

Normally, human growth treatment is reserved specifically for children with growth abnormalities; however, more and more people are turning to HGH therapies or supplements to combat the aging process or generate muscle mass.

Let's first look at the positive human growth hormone facts that are associated with taking these supplements.

1. HGH supplements encourage your pituitary gland to restart its natural hormone production.

2. People who use HGH supplements experience weight loss and muscle gain.

3. Safer than steroids, the homeopathic hormone therapies have little to no side effects

4. Higher HGH levels encourage the body to fight infections. Stimulating cell re-growth and restoring damaged cells can make us feel healthier.

5. Athletes experience enhanced energy levels and have a greater stamina for exercise.

6. HGH supplements provide anti aging properties, helping restore the skins elasticity.

Now with have looked at the positives, let's look at the negative human growth hormone facts when taking these supplements.

1. Some HGH therapies can cause unwanted medical side effects.

Joint Pain and diabetes are just two know side effects encountered from certain HGH therapies.

2. Increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels can also occur when the body is given to much human growth hormone.

3. An increased level of human growth hormone for a prolonged period can cause abnormal bone growth.

If choosing to use HGH supplements, make sure you consider all the human growth hormone facts before you commence your treatment.