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Is human growth hormone safe ?

Individuals seeking an anti aging program that works may find themselves considering a program containing human growth hormone, also known as HGH.

One of the most frequently asked questions turns out to be "Is human growth hormone safe?"

HGH received a lot of media attention with the athlete scandals of the 1990s who used it as a performance enhancing drug.

These were normally taken as injections and in what was often considered massive quantities.

Human growth hormones such as the athletes were known to take are illegal without a prescription since the dosages must be monitored very carefully in order to assure the fewest side effects.

On the other hand, the body produces human growth hormones naturally and it is necessary to growth, repair and energy.

As a person ages they gradually produce less and less of this necessary hormone and eventually the signs of aging appear.

The most common human growth hormones used for anti aging effects are substances that persuade the body to produce human growth hormone on its own.

This is considered a much safer alternative than injections since the body is supplying its own with a little prompting.

This is considered a safer alternative to injections when taken according to directions since these anti aging supplements contain little or no HGH and instead help the body boost its production to reach normal levels of human growth hormone.

These supplements normally come in pill form and nasal sprays and are not considered controlled substances and require no prescription.

Human growth hormone purchased in injectable form without a prescription is illegal in the US.

While such products may be available from other countries, the quality of the HGH being supplied may be suspect and because it is illegal, the customer has almost no recourse if the substance is not as represented.

Human growth hormone supplements on the other hand are legal and companies supplying them will usually include clear directions as to how much to take, when to take and how to get the best results from this natural anti aging product.

People take natural human growth supplements because they feel they need to improve their sex drive, increase their energy levels, improve their memory and muscle tone and help avoid cardio-vascular problems that come with age.

Objectively, any product with is illegal such as injections of HGH purchased without a prescription will usually be less safe, than a natural legal product.

Individuals willing to sell illegal products will rarely care if the injections are safe or used appropriately or if the dosages and human growth hormone per ml are consistent.

Most natural and homeopathic products that supplement human growth hormones will have to adhere to certain standards in production making them a preferred alternative.

It is important though even when using the safe HGH supplements that the individual take the recommended dosages and support their body health by proper nutrition and activity.

Individuals who use natural human growth hormones feel it improves skin tone, bone health, sex drive, memory and many other problems associated with the aging process.