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What is Natural Growth Hormone?

Natural growth hormone forms an important part of your body's development.

So what exactly is this hormone and why is it so important for our body's natural development?

This article will briefly explain how this important hormone is produced and why it is so fundamental to our body's development.

Natural growth hormone is formed in your body's pituitary gland.

This small gland is extremely small and lies at the base of your brain in a cavity called the sella turcica.

Encapsulated by a fold of protective skin, this tiny yet important gland helps produces nine different essential hormones.

In turn these hormones help control various developmental functions that your body needs.

As well as controlling growth, the pituitary gland also helps the body with the following tasks; blood pressure, metabolic rate thyroid function and sexual function.

If you're a woman, the piturity gland also produces a hormone to help with child birth and milk production.

The pituitary gland is the body's primary producer of natural growth hormone.

This hormone helps control the rate in which the body grows and develops.

With to much of this hormone, the body can over grow and a person can become overly tall.

As with over development a person whose body secrets too little natural growth hormone will have trouble with muscle enlargement and bone growth.

As our bodies become older, the production of this growth hormone slows down and until becoming non existent.

Medical development has meant that natural growth hormone can now be replicated artificially.

A human growth hormone, more widely know as HGH, can now be used to help stimulate the human body to developing muscle mass at a greater rate than normal production.

Although these synthetic hormones have successfully been used to combat growth hormone deficiency; more and more sportsman are turning to them as a quick alternative to develop their physic.

Studies have shown that an extra intake of human growth hormone can increase not only quickly produce muscle mass but it can also reduce body fat and increase a persons capacity for exercise.

As well as sportsmen, the benefits of natural growth hormone have also interested the health industry.

Studies have shown that an increase in this hormone can affect the way our body's age.

When we reach a certain age, our bodies stop producing this natural growth hormone.

When they reach this age more and more people are choosing to reintroduce the hormone to their system to combat the signs of aging.

In conclusion, natural growth hormone is an essential hormone produced in the body's pituitary gland.

Without this essential hormone our bodies would be unable to develop and grow.

Both bone density and body fat is controlled by the amount of human growth hormone you have in your body.

This hormone has so many benefits that scientists in the medical profession have managed to create a synthetic version.

Although surrounded by controversy many sportsman and health conscious people are using this hormone to increase their body's potential.